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Welcome to [reisoft], we hope that your visit here would be a pleasant one. Feel free to take a look at our web site and our wide range of services. 


  • [reisoft] Internet Marketing solution :- Attract Millions of visitors to your site. Contact Us to find out more.
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  • [reisoft] pen-pal :- Cool place for making new Asian friends online regardless of race and age!
  • [reisoft] computers :- Computers and upgrade parts at the lowest price!
  • [reisoft] web-hosting :- Web-hosting at the cheapest price on the best servers!
  • [reisoft] web design :- Offering state of the art web and graphic designing at the best price!

Comming Soon 

  • [reisoft] auction :- Online auctioning. Offering the best at its cheapest!
  • [reisoft] chat :- Reisoft chat room (beta version)


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